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Join Our Team

Thinking about private practice but don't know where to start? Does it seem overwhelming to do all the administrative and business building to get started? Join us! We take all the extra work out of private practice so you can focus on quality care and professional growth.

Why join Collaborative Change?

Set Your Own Schedule

All staff are able to set their own schedules, choose what day/time they want to work and are encouraged to have a positive work/life balance. The only requirement is that each staff member participate in a weekly group staffing with their supervisor and a monthly virtual all staff meeting.

Choose Your Own Clientele

Collaborative Change will provide all marketing, referrals and intake process for incoming clients. Staff can choose which client's fit their schedule, skill set and desired demographic. We provide services to a diverse population and offer spaces where all feel welcome.


Our administrative team manages our electronic medical record. The expectation of our staff is that they document the services provided and administration manage billing. We verify all insurance prior to starting services and monitor billing for issues for an easier experience for our staff client's.

Office Space

Collaborative Change covers the cost of all office space and utilities for our staff. We have offices in Brownsburg, Downtown Indy and Hamilton County. Collaborative Change also provides a HIPPA compliant platform for virtual therapy services along with a cloud based electronic medical record that can be accessed from anywhere. All fees are covered by Collaborative Change.

Supportive Team

We have a diverse team with passion for a variety of innovative, ethically sound and evidence based interventions. We have a very open work environment and encourage each staff to self-reflect and work as a team to provide the best care possible to those we serve. We utilize team building apps to communicate and have quarterly team building activities to build collaboration and cohesiveness.

Contract Position

Collaborative Change independently contracts with team members. Staff averaging less than 15 clients per week are contracted at a part time rate after the 90 day training period. Staff averaging 15 or more client's are contracted at a full time rate after the 90 day training period. Contracted staff are self-employed, similar to how it would be if they were in their own private practice. We do not withhold taxes or offer benefits like traditional "employment'. 

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