Collaborative Change offering creative, unique, client centered approaches in a relaxed environment.

Collaborative Change was established in 2014 after recognizing the lack of innovative, accessible and person centered services offered in our community. Our goal is not to “fix” people; instead we want to provide a safe place and creative opportunities for people to collaborate with our staff to create positive change in their lives. Collaborative Change offers a variety of health and wellness services. Our skilled, highly trained staff are experienced in working with children, adolescents and adults that struggle with an array of issues. Our staff are educated in a variety of approaches and techniques to help people reach their individual goals in their own unique way. We support people to reach their personal, financial and occupational goals to become the best version of themselves.

We began providing home based therapy in Marion,

Hendricks, Hamilton and Boone Counties in January of

2014. By March of 2015 we had our first office established on the North side of Indianapolis and began providing office based therapy services. In January of 2016 we opened our second and larger office on the west side of Indianapolis.

In October of 2016 we expanded our west side and by the next year we were launching Cafes and have developed Parent, Teen, Men's and Topic Based Cafes that we host throughout Indianapolis and surrounding counties by partnering with local organizations to host Cafes.

By the fall of 2019 we were recognizing the need for virtual therapy services and began building this program. As the pandemic hit in 2020 we realized the need for his more than ever and have started transitioning away from home based services and focusing more on our offices, community based and virtual services.

For more information on our team or a list of our services  follow the links or email us  for more information.


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